Tool Plugins

Tool Plugins allow the creation of new editor tools, which give the user new ways to interact with the world by clicking and dragging in the world viewport. Each tool plugin may provide an “options widget” which is shown in the tool options panel while the tool is selected. A tool plugin may implement mouse event handlers, which will recieve 3D coordinates in world space cooresponding to the mouse position.

A tool plugin may also provide a 3D mouse cursor in the form of a SceneNode. Alternately, a 2D mouse cursor may be implemented by calling QCursor functions in your implementations of toolActive and toolInactive

Mouse Handlers

These mouse handlers are called in response to user actions. A simple tool may only implement mousePress or mouseRelease, while a tool that also allows dragging or changes its cursor according to world position may also implement mouseDrag or mouseMove.

Parameters:event (QMouseEvent) – event has been augmented with these attributes: point, ray, blockPosition, blockFace
Parameters:event (QMouseEvent) – event has been augmented
Parameters:event (QMouseEvent) – event has been augmented
Parameters:event (QMouseEvent) – event has been augmented